Tenali Rama

BJP MP falls into flood waters in Bihar, loses his contacts

By Tenali Rama

BJP MP Ram Kripal Yadav who fell into the Dardha river in his Patiliputra constituency when his contraption which was assembled using tyre tubes tied to bamboo shafts capsized, has told Tenali Rama that the incident made him realise that the state is in troubled waters. 

“It is a bad situation out there. Because when you fall into the water, you lose your mobile phone. Now I have lost all my contacts and have to rebuild my list all over again. I can understand the pain and misery of the people of Bihar who similarly lose their contacts in the floods,” said Yadav.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar, responding swiftly to the situation has sent across a team of deep divers to search for Yadav’s mobile phone. 

“We cannot bear to see any Bihari in distress. It is the bounden duty of the Government of Bihar to provide relief. That is why I am called Sushasan Babu,” said Nitish Kumar. 

However, Yadav was criticised for reportedly trying to do a photo-op and compromising with his security on the makeshift boat.

“After 70 years of independence, the Congress could not even ensure there are sufficient boats in the country. Is this the development Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party brought? Shame on them,” said Yadav. 

An officer in Yadav’s team said the mishap occurred because there was a communication gap with the officials who were to provide for the MP’s transportation.

“We had asked for a SUV with big tyres which could navigate through the low-lying areas which were flooded. They could not find the vehicle but got only the tyres. Our MP Sir did not want to disappoint them because they had taken the effort so he decided to set sail,” said Yadav’s secretary.

(This is a work of satire)

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