Tenali Rama

As Mao-ists trend `Go Back Modi’, PM says he loves idli-dosa

By Tenali Rama (Follow @IamTenaliRama)

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to Chennai to attend the convocation ceremony at IIT Madras, the Intelligence Bureau had sounded an alert that there could be a Maoist attempt to embarrass the PM during the visit. The warning was taken lightly by Chennai police because Tamil Nadu has not reported Maoist activity of the kind seen in Chhattisgarh or Odisha in recent years. 

But they were in for a rude shock when those trending `Go Back Modi’ decided to embrace their `Mao-ist’ roots. They used a photograph in which Mao (batter in Tamil) was used to write `Go Back Modi’ on a hot plate used to make dosas. The picture soon went viral. 

Upset BJP leaders said that critics trending `Go Back Modi’ every time the PM came to Tamil Nadu is like `pulicha mao‘ (sour batter in Tamil). No, it is not, said DMK leaders, pointing out that Maoists came out to protest against Modi declaring he loved the idli, dosa and vada. 

“Look, first they tried to impose Hindi on us. Now Modi is trying to impose himself on our idli, dosa and vada too. We will launch an agitation against this. Ours is the oldest language and the oldest breakfast. Idli and dosa should be reserved only for Tamils and south Indians. Modi can eat dhokla and pakoda,” said a member of the DMK.  

However, there is concern that Modi may end up having the Mao and eating it too. 

(This is a work of satire)

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