Andhra Pradesh

Jagan govt to sell liquor in Andhra Pradesh from October 1

The Andhra Pradesh government will take over 3500 liquor shops in the state from 1 October. It will be the first step towards imposing prohibition in a phased manner in Andhra Pradesh by 2024. These shops will now be run by the State Beverages Corporation. 

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In order to ensure regulated timings, Deputy Chief Minister and Excise Minister Naryanaswamy said, “The state has already taken 475 wine shops into the Beverages Corporation fold last month. The alcohol shops will run from 10 am to 9 pm.”

The Jaganmohan Reddy government said it had also shut down 43000 belt shops which provided easy access to liquor and doorstep delivery, since it came to power. Imposing prohibition in a phased manner was one of the pre-election promises made by Jagan. He had asked the civil society group Jana Chaitanya Vedika, to prepare a roadmap to implement the same. It had recommended phased shut down of 20 per cent of the shops in a particular time period. 

With government following the Tamil Nadu model, 3500 supervisors and 8000 salesmen have been recruited to run the liquor shops. The government is also planning to set up deaddiction centres in all districts. 

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