Tenali Rama

Satire : Revealed – Who advised Trump to call Modi `Father of India’?

By Tenali Rama (Follow @Iamtenalirama)

When President Donald Trump referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the `Father of India’, many were surprised. But it now transpires that it was not an off-the-cuff remark.

Sources in the Oval Office disclosed to Tenali Rama that Trump had a chat with Rajendra Balaji, the dairy development minister of Tamil Nadu during the latter’s visit to the USA last month. Balaji told Trump that after the demise of their “Amma” Jayalalithaa, the AIADMK considered Modi as their “Daddy’.

“Not just for AIADMK, even for India, Modi is our Daddy,” Balaji told Trump, a repeat of what he told the media in March this year. 

Balaji explained to Trump how there was a lot of dissension and fighting in the AIADMK after Jayalalithaa’s demise and like a Daddy, Modi brought all the warring groups together. That is what the US President referred to while bestowing on Modi the title of `Father of India’. 

Balaji is also pleased about Trump’s query to Modi. The President had asked the PM, “Where do you get such ministers from?”

Convinced that Trump was giving a compliment, Balaji has organised a celebration for fellow ministers and the AIADMK cadre in Chennai. 

(This is a work of satire)

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