Tamil Nadu

Insensitive. DMDK’s Premalatha says it was Subasri’s fate to die

If you thought the tragic death of Subasri will make the political parties in Tamil Nadu regret their narcissistic habit of erecting illegal banners, forget it. At least the DMDK thinks it was the young techie’s fate that pushed her to death and not the AIADMK leader’s fault that a banner put up for his son’s wedding got uprooted in the wind, fell over Subasri throwing her off balance and under the wheel of a water tanker.

Trivialising the incident, DMDK chief Vijaykanth’s wife Premalatha said there is no political party that does not put up a banner and said the incident was being exaggerated. 

“It was just her fate that at that point, she was passing and the banner fell over her and she got crushed under the water tanker,” said Premalatha, with a rather insensitive tone. 

It is to be noted that the DMDK was an alliance partner of the AIADMK in the Lok Sabha elections earlier this year. With the political establishment not showing the inclination to change, it is up to the Madras High court to crack the whip in case any party violates the ban order. 

Incidentally, 12 days after Subasri’s death, the Chennai police is yet to get to the accused, former councillor Jayagopal. 

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