Tenali Rama

Satire : BJP demands NRC on mosquitoes in Hyderabad to fight dengue

By Tenali Rama

With no let-up in the cases of dengue and related deaths, the BJP in Hyderabad has demanded a NRC in the city on mosquitoes. 

“Forget human beings, the mosquitoes are also biting our cows. We should do a NRC, identify the mosquitoes, declare them anti-national and send them to Pakistan,” BJP leader Lion Singh told Tenali Rama

But the Mosquitoes Association of Hyderabad has objected to NRC in the city. 

“In every city, mosquitoes are being lynched in the name of sanitation. How can the PM remain a mute spectator, he should speak up. The BJP’s threat amounts to using state machinery to muzzle the mosquitoes,” said the spokesperson of the Association. 

The Home minister has asked officials to be more vigilant and bring mosquitoes that bite to book.

“We will not tolerate any anti-social mosquitoes in Hyderabad. We will instal more CCTVs in the city to monitor if they are biting citizens,” said the Home minister.

A draft bill is also being presented in the Assembly mooting hefty fines to deter mosquitoes from biting. Mosquitoes found sucking blood without a license will be awarded the death sentence by electrocution with a tennis bat-like contraption.

(This is a work of satire)

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