At the movies

Coming soon : Telangana govt may sell movie tickets instead of online portals

At a time when the citizens would prefer the Telangana government to focus on better sanitation, quality roads and satisfactory health services, the TRS regime is looking to sell movie tickets. 

Bangalore Mirror and The New Indian Express report that Cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav told reporters in the lobby of the Telangana assembly that the government is mulling getting into the business of selling movie tickets. While clarifying that the modalities of such a move are being worked out, Yadav said if implemented, it will benefit both citizens and film producers and distributors. That is because Yadav says, it will reduce the taxes that are imposed on moviegoers. 

This will mean the Telangana government will set up its ticket portal to sell movie tickets. The initiative will be set up under the supervision of the State Film Development Corporation and private portals like Book My Show, PayTm and Easy Movies will have to route themselves through the state government site.

The benefit apparently is that the government will get the GST directly without evasion.

The proposal has made people wonder if the Telangana government, that had to cut the size of its budget by close to 20 per cent, is looking at the film industry as a cash cow to generate revenue from. Given that OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have severely eaten into the business of the film theatres, one wonders how much the Telangana government hopes to gain from getting into the movie business. 

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