Kamal Haasan remembers Subasri, calls for a new political leadership

Kamal Haasan was one of the first mainsteam politicians to visit the parents of Subasri who was killed on the road last week in Chennai because an illegal banner got uprooted from the divider were it was precariously placed, throwing her under the wheel of a water tanker. And with no progress made so far in arrested Jayagopal, the AIADMK leader who had got those banners fixed, Kamal looks keen to keep the focus on such tragedies that occur thanks to such unscrupulous politicians and their benefactors. To say that it is not enough to express concern but to ensure that questions are asked to see to it that such incidents do not recur.

In an emotional video in Tamil, Kamal speaks of the extreme pain one feels to deliver the news of a child’s death to the parents.

“It would be intensely painful to see your child’s blood splattered on the road, not only for the parents, but for even a passer by. It is a crude reminder of death. As a father of two daughters, I felt the same too. The likes of Raghus and Subasrees are victims of this Government’s  negligence.

Do we have a totally senseless Government? 

Don’t they possess even the basic thinking skill to use discretion on where a banner should be erected; whether a banner should be erected?Wonder how many more lives are at stake in the hands of these half baked politicians and negligent authorities.

We are in the midst of a norm that tramples you if you question their responsibilities. To top it all these people who govern us threaten us by saying that they would cut off the tongue that challenges their responsibilities.

Well, this is the politics that they know; this is the governance that they know. I have neither a speck of respect for such people nor any fear.

If you have fear, if you are scared of them, just hold my hand. Makkal Needhi Maiam will amplify your voice and will even aim at propelling you towards a feasible solution. We choose our rulers. We exercise our right to choose but we should not be naive enough to be slaves of our rulers.

They have devised a devious tool by which they keep reiterating that you are ‘ordinary citizens ‘. The multiple reiteration of this has been their tool to turn you into their slaves.

Little do they know that these so called ordinary citizens are the ones who make extraordinary leaders. 

Come join us, Let us raise valid questions and challenge their nonchalance. 
Let’s create a new leadership.”

While Kamal’s spiel to promote the cause of his political outfit may come in for criticism, if this means putting pressure on fellow politicians to fall in line, it is welcome. Each one of us needs to feel the pain of the parents who lost their Subasri. And ensure there is no other Subasri.

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