Apollo ProHealth, enabled by AI

Apollo Hospitals Group, India’s first multi-speciality chain of hospitals, has launched Apollo ProHealth Program – the most powerful, proactive Health Management program. Apollo ProHealth will be a first of its kind, comprehensive health program, powered by pHRA (personalised Health Risk Assessment), enabled by Artificial Intelligence. 

This program is specially curated and conceptualised by Apollo’s experts and innovators in preventive healthcare, basis the experience & learning of over 20 million health checks conducted by Apollo. ProHealth empowers individuals & businesses with actionable health analytics, to know & eradicate health risks, and, lead healthier & happier lives. The program brings technology & human elements together by providing a personal Health Mentor to guide each individual to stay focussed on health track and gain better health & lasting happiness. 

“We all are focussed on cure, not care. I want people to focus on the CARE in HealthCare. Treating diseases is not the only way to health. If we Care for our health we will not need to cure anything ever,” says Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group. “The world is facing tsunami of NCDs (Non-communicable diseases), that is threatening even our young generations. An economy like ours, which is both ambitious and aggressive, needs healthy citizens to realise its true potential. This is not possible with the growing menace of lifestyle diseases or NCDs. Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Obesity, Smoking are increasingly impact our capability, which in turn impacts our productivity & economic growth. Apollo ProHealth is an innovative giant step towards changing the way we treat our health. A true healer heals before there is need to heal.” 

Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group refers to non-communicable diseases as the greatest healthcare challenge. 

“Apollo ProHealth is designed on the three principles of Predict, Prevent and Overcome to ensure tangible, measurable changes in the lives of people. The use of AI to assess risk is backed by learning gained from over 20 million health checks and the program will transform the concept of preventive healthcare in the country. With the AI enabled personalised Health Risk Assessment (pHRA), Health Mentor and appropriate clinical and life style interventions every individual is guided at every step on to the pathway towards healthy living,” says Preetha Reddy. 

Dr. Prathap C Reddy points out that the notional value of a human body as indicated by scientists is in excess of 6 trillion dollars. 

“In today’s complex and fast-changing health care environment, visionary employers must taking lead in providing innovative approaches for employee health and well-being while realizing real results. I’m certain that a small shift from curative to preventive health-watch with a mid to long term view will better the health index of employees.” says Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Foundation. 

Apollo ProHealth has been launched in Chennai and Hyderabad today and plans are in place to cover all the metro cities by subsequently. Apollo ProHealth will be launched and available across the Apollo ecosystem by the end of the year.

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