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Post-Subasri tragedy, actor Vijay says no to cutouts and banners for `Bigil’ launch

Cutouts like these, always a traffic hazard and a safety risk to the public, will not be seen ahead of the audio launch of Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s `Bigil’ in Tamil Nadu. Vijay, one of the most popular stars of Tamil cinema has made a public appeal to his fans not to erect any cutouts and banners. Vijay’s `Bigil’ is due for release next month. 

The winds of change are finally blowing in Tamil Nadu. Tragic that it took the death of 23-year-old techie Subasri to realise politicians and film stars were playing with lives all these years. Subasri was killed on Thursday afternoon when a banner put up by an AIADMK politician fell on her while she was riding her bike. She fell on the road and was crushed under the wheel of a water tanker. 

Reacting to the public outrage, political parties asked their cadre not to erect illegal banners, flexis and cutouts any more. If more Tamil actors follow suit, this menace of competitive cutouts with wasteful practise of milk abhishekams can hopefully be effectively banished from the Tamil Nadu landscape. Actor Suriya has also asked his fans not to put up banners ahead of his release of Kaappaan.

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