Pet dog dies at Telangana CM’s house, doctors booked

A case has been registered against the veterinarians who were treating a pet dog at Pragathi Bhavan, the official residence of Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in Hyderabad. Haski, reportedly about 11 months old, was unwell and on 11 September, behaved in an unusual manner following which the vet was called. A medical examination showed Haski was running high fever and the doctor advised hospitalisation. The dog was taken to Animal Care Clinic in Banjara Hills area where it died at 9:30 pm.

The dog handler Asif Ali Khan who looked after the nine canines including Haski at Pragati Bhavan alleged that the dog passed away due to the negligence of the doctors. Acting upon his complaint, the Banjara Hills police registered a FIR on 12 September against Dr Ranjit and Dr Laxmi of Animal Care under Section 429 of the IPC (mischief by killing) and under 11(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act. 

“Yes, the case was registered against the doctors,” confirmed P Naidu, Sub-Inspector at Banjara Hills police station. 

The incident has come in for criticism from the opposition. Telangana Congress Working President Ponnam Prabhakar drew attention to the incidents of dengue and malaria in Telangana, especially state capital Hyderabad, because of which hospitals and diagnostic labs are overflowing with patients and there have been 56 deaths, a number the government refuses to acknowledge. 

“A case has been registered for the negligence of doctor in treating the dog at Pragathi Bhavan. Why there is no case on the negligence of Health minister, Chief minister and CS on the deaths of Dengue,” Prabhakar tweeted.

Congress spokesperson D Sravan said the incident showed that the government gave more importance to a dog than the people of Telangana. 

“It exposes the feudalistic mindset of the rulers of Telangana that doctors who are not able to save their dog are subjected to a criminal case. This is abuse of authority. On the other hand, you have the Health minister who insists there have been no dengue deaths in the state. This shows callousness,” said Sravan. 

“The episode of the CM’s dog dying and a case being filed on the veterinarian promptly is an irony of sorts in Telangana. It is a cruel joke on the ongoing dengue deaths in Telangana due to criminal negligence of the KCR government,” said Krishnasagar Rao, BJP spokesperson.

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