Andhra Pradesh

Andhra police imposes Section 144 as TDP vs YSRCP clash imminent

Over the past three months since the YSR Congress came to power, the Telugu Desam alleges that its activists have been at the receiving end of attacks by the ruling party leaders and cadre. This according to the TDP, has resulted in deaths of eight of its party workers, most of them in the violence-prone Palnadu region of Guntur district. Some 500 party activists have been attacked as well, says the TDP. 

On Wednesday, Chandrababu Naidu plans to be in Atmakur to protest against the alleged attacks and assure the leadership support to the TDP cadre. 

Realising that the YSRCP will come across as using the authority of being in power, the ruling party has decided to take the TDP head-on. It points that its cadre bore the brunt when Naidu was in power. Giving a `Chalo Atmakur’ call on the same day, it has asked victims of the 2014-19 period to come out and narrate alleged terror tales of the Naidu government. 

On target specifically is former Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad Rao who hails from the region. The `victims’ will speak about false cases foisted on them at the instance of the TDP leaders. While stressing that what it is saying is true, the YSRCP accuses Naidu of making an issue out of a non-issue by building a false narrative.

But the Andhra Pradesh police has imposed Section 144 in the area and disallowed any protests or demonstrations. Naidu plans to meet the victims of the alleged violence at a camp set up by the TDP.

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