KCR face, TRS car engraved on Yadadri temple pillars in Telangana

For the past four years, the K Chandrasekhar Rao government has been working on developing the Yadadri (also referred to as Yadagarigutta) temple, 60 km from Hyderabad as the Tirumala-Tirupati of Telangana. The chief minister has been taking a personal interest in the temple project, visiting it several times to supervise the works personally.

What has now come as a shock are pictures published in a Telugu newspaper reportedly from inside the temple complex. They show KCR’s face engraved on pillars while other carvings include that of the ambassador car (the symbol of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti), government programmes like Haritha Haaram and the Telangana government emblem. 

“The work is taking place using public funds, not party funds. How can KCR’s face or his party symbol be engraved on stone pillars at the temple? The pillars should be removed immediately otherwise we will remove them forcibly,” says Raja Singh, BJP MLA in Telangana

It must be pointed out that no political activity is permitted at Tirumala. If the holy temple in Andhra Pradesh is the template for Yadadri, it is rather strange that someone connected with the TRS has decided to let a political party be a prominent part of the temple construction itself.  

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What is not clear is which part of the Yadadri temple complex are these pillars engraved with political motifs.

The TRS has not reacted to the controversial carvings on stone pillars. The story will be updated once the party responds.

Haritha Haaram programme engraving on one of the pillars

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