Andhra Pradesh

Andhra woman becomes mother to twins at 74

It takes something to beat a record at 74. But that’s precisely what Erramatii Mangayamma has done in Nelaparthipadu village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. She beat the record set by Daljinder Kaur of Punjab who became a mother for the first time at the age of 70 in 2016. 

Mangayamma, wife of 80-year-old E Raja Rao, gave birth to twins – both girls – at Ahalya hospital in Guntur through C-section on Thursday. The couple was childless since their marriage in March 1962. 

They chose the IVF route after their 55-year-old neighbour became pregnant. Dr Umashankar at Ahalya Nursing Home collected Raja Rao’s sperm and successfully carried out the fertilisation process. The egg was obtained from a donor (since Mangayamma had already crossed menopause).

Raja Rao was on cloud nine, exuding confidence that he and his wife would be able to take care of their two daughters. Interestingly the baby shower for Mangayamma (pic below) was conducted at the hospital just before she went in for her operation.

Dr Umashankar who conducted the surgery said there were no complications. 

“The mother and the two infants are healthy. The mother has been taken to ICU because we need to take care of the stress she has undergone in the last few hours” Dr Umashankar told the media in Guntur. 

While what helped in conceiving and delivering the babies was the fact that Mangayamma had no health complications usually associated with old age like diabetes and blood pressure related issues, she would not be able to breast feed the babies. Through her pregnancy, her condition was monitored regularly by a team of gynaecologists, cardiologists with extreme care taken of her diet. 

But while not taking away from the right and desire of any couple to have their children, the development has also raised questions over the ethicality of the nursing home to subject a 74-year-old to IVF. The parents are rather old to undertake the stress and pressure of bringing up two daughters.

Secondly, medically speaking, since Mangayamma was past menopause, doctors ask if it was right to stimulate her womb using hormones. This incident has set a wrong precedent, it is feared.

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