When a Bengalurean called Mysore `landed’ on moon

For a moment it seemed Chandrayaan 2 had reached the moon one week ahead of schedule. In a sight that was visible only to select people in ISRO city, Bengaluru on Saturday night, an astronaut from India was seen walking on the lunar surface. Residents in Tunganagar, Vishwaneedam and Herohalli in the Yeshwanthpur assembly constituency in particular, had a clear view of an Indian landing on the moon. 

Bangalore Mirror reports about how Badal Nanjundaswamy, shocked to see the condition of the pothole punctured road in the area, decided to turn it into his canvas. Artist Badal is quite famous in the city for creating canvases on roads to highlight the pathetic civic conditions. He then enlisted the help of actor Poornachandra Mysore who dressed up like an astronaut and walked over the surface.  

Will this make a difference and compel the authorities to convert the road from a lunar surface to earth surface, we don’t know. But these are desperate measures by citizens to make the authorities wake up and provide basic civic amenities. 

In Hyderabad, residents and political activists in the past have named bad roads after leaders of the government in order to force the Municipal corporation to repair them. Read the story here.

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