Andhra Pradesh

Frenzy around Pawan Kalyan birthday is an opportunity to re-energise Jana Sena

In the run-up to the elections in Andhra Pradesh, the social media wing of the Jana Sena was considered the most vibrant and active. But unfortunately for Pawan Kalyan, the support that was visible online did not translate into votes in the real world and the party ended up with a tally of just one seat in the Andhra Pradesh assembly.

In the last one month, Pawan has been visible in public fora, meeting people connected with the party to tell them he is going to stick around in politics. At the same time, his association with elder brother Chiranjeevi’s Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy’s trailer by lending it his voice in the Telugu version, has allowed him to retain his connect with his movie fans.

All that enthusiasm has translated into what will be the building up of a frenzy in the virtual world ahead of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on 2 September. The first step has been to make a common DP for all his fans to share and be part of the celebrations. 

Interestingly, the DP was released by Pawan’s nephew and Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan. At one level, it can be seen as his way of thanking Pawan for being part of Sye Raa, which is a Charan production. On the other hand, Pawan’s fans will see it as greater involvement of Chiranjeevi’s family in what the Powerstar does.

The Common DP makes a reference to Pawan’s work for flood victims of Andhra Pradesh. Proof that the birthday is going to be an occasion to bring the personal and the political together. 

The interesting aspect is the use of the hand photograph that was taken after Pawan went to hospital during the election campaign. The part of the drip that was used, was still visible on his hand when he campaign for Nadendla Manohar in Tenali. 

It is clear the Jana Sena wants to use the enthusiasm building up around his birthday to kickstart the party work once again and breathe fresh life into the organisation. 

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