Andhra Pradesh

`Paid political’ actor abuses Jagan government, arrested

With the entry of several filmstars into politics in Andhra Pradesh, the lines have often blurred between the real and the reel. But this one takes the cake. 

Earlier this week, clips were circulated over social media (see in video report above) where a well-built man and a lady were seen berating the Jaganmohan Reddy government over the handling of the flood situation. What attracted attention was the use of derogatory language against both the chief minister and the Irrigation minister Anil Kumar Yadav. 

Eyebrows went up when the lady was recognised as someone who had figured in a Telugu Desam election campaign ad earlier this year. The YSRCP alleged that the man is Sekhar Chowdhary, a professional actor, who too had appeared in the TDP campaign videos. At first look though, the man in the campaign video and the one in the clip looked a tad different because he now sported a beard.

“We found out that Sekhar Chowdhary is a supporting actor who has acted in a few Telugu films directed by Boyapati Srinu (known to be close to the TDP). He also figured prominently in TDP election videos. We got a doubt listening to his lines as they sounded scripted,” Devendra Reddy, Digital Media director of the Andhra Pradesh government told Filter Kaapi. 

This is a new in Andhra Pradesh politics where actors were allegedly used to “bring disrepute to the government”.

Reddy lodged a complaint with the Andhra Pradesh DGP Gautam Sawang (pic below), following which Chowdhary was arrested. The government hopes he will spill the beans on his political sponsors during interrogation by the police. 

Sources in the Andhra Pradesh government say those involved in this “social media conspiracy” and the locations where the flood shoot was done have been identified.

When Filter Kaapi reached out to senior officers of the Andhra Pradesh police, they confirmed Chowdhary is indeed the man in the videos.

“Investigation on who asked him to do the videos is still underway,” a senior IPS officer said.

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