Andhra Pradesh

Pawan Kalyan trolls Congress

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan laid out the dos and donts for Jana Sainiks when it came to using social media. And in the bargain, he took a dig at the Congress.

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At a meeting of party leaders and activists from Vijayawada on Friday, Pawan made it clear that he would prefer them to articulate their opinion directly to him instead of speaking to the media or posting on social media. 

“If you have an issue with party matters, come to the party office and report to me directly instead of posting on social media. I am not like the Congress party to go back on a decision that I take as soon as you approach social media,” Pawan said. 

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In the same vein, Pawan spoke about how a large party in the past had put pressure on him to dissolve the Jana Sena but that he did not succumb to pressure. Even at gun point, there is no question of merging the Jana Sena with any other party. Which party he was referring to, remains in the realm of speculation.

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