Guest Column

On Indian roads, make way for the ambulance, Xylo and Zomato

By G Mohan

One of the popular pearls of wisdom offered by the locals of any city in India and Hyderabad  in particular is never to take panga with the RTC buses and auto rickshaws. It is because universally they are notorious for not following road rules. The mindset among bus drivers is that they rule the road because size matters. The autorickshaw credo is that if the front wheel can get into the available space, the back tyres too will manage. Which is why while driving or walking, it is best to exercise caution when they are driving past you.

To this, I would like to add two more categories of vehicles.

First is Mahindra Xylo. Why am I singling out one model of one make is because Mahindra Xylo is the preferred vehicle for ferrying IT and BPO employees from their home to their offices and back. They are usually full and are driven at maniacal speeds.

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Apparently, the administrative officers at the company they are contracted with monitor their arrival time by the minute. If they are delayed , they are penalised. Excuses like heavy traffic, vehicle breakdown etc are just allowed a few times. Since BPO companies are 24×7 and their employees live all over the city, if you see a Xylo, just allow it to go as if it were an Ambulance. 

The other vehicle, particularly in residential areas.and their bylanes is the two wheelers of food delivery aggregators like Swiggys and Zomato. If you are walking on the road and you see a two wheeler guy wearing a red T-shirt of Zomato or a black T-Shirt of Swiggys coming your way, just stop there or move to the side. These guys are addressing the hunger pangs of the nation, so making way for them is your service to the nation.

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