Child rights

Warangal Court gives death to child rape accused

The Warangal court has set a commendable benchmark in fasttrackng case of child rape cases. Within 50 days, the court pronounced its verdict in the rape and murder case of 9-month-old baby Sreehita in Hanamkonda in Warangal district of Telangana in June this year. It awarded the death sentence to the accused, K Praveen.

Sreehita was abducted by Praveen while she was sleeping with her parents in the middle of the night. When they woke up to find the infant missing, they started searching for her. To their horror, they found Praveen in an inebriated condition and he had sexually assaulted and killed Sreehita.

The verdict was possible also because the police filed the chargesheet in just 21 days. Child rights activists want Warangal police and Warangal court to be taken as a role model in cases of violence against children.

There was a huge uproar in Telangana after the incident, with civil society demanding the most harsh punishment for the accused. The verdict, it is felt, will send the message across that this should be seen as the most heinous crime that deserves nothing short of death by hanging. 

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