Andhra Pradesh

People of Andhra discarded cow, opted for bull, claims Chandrababu Naidu

It is two and a half months since Chandrababu Naidu lost the election but it would seem the Telugu Desam chief is unable to come to terms with the magnitude of the defeat. Addressing TDP cadre in Guntur, Naidu described the verdict by making a comparison with animal husbandry.

“Leaving a milk-giving cow, they went for the bull,” said Naidu, amused at his own metaphor. 

The TDP was reduced to just 23 seats in the 175-member Andhra Pradesh Legislature. Naidu blamed the voters for this, though with a smile.

“You drank the water (that I facilitated) but did not vote for me,” he said. 

Naidu ridiculed Jaganmohan Reddy of running the state like a Pulivendula panchayat (Jagan’s constituency is Pulivendula in Kadapa district and the inference is that the CM is incapable of a pan-Andhra vision and runs the state like a panchayat feudal lord). Accusing the YSRCP government of killing Amaravati, Naidu said, “It saddens me. Farmers trusted us and gave 34000 acres of their land to build a Farmers capital city. Now no work is happening there. The World Bank has moved out.”

Naidu blamed Jagan for not doing anything more than point an accusing finger at the previous government, alleging corruption. The former CM said the only thing the present regime is doing is to stop all welfare programmes, humiliate the opposition and practising politics of vendetta.

“You are angry with me but why did you have to demolish Praja Vedika for that. You could have used it. This government has reduced my security despite knowing I have survived an assassination attempt by Maoists in 2003. This is Pulivendula panchayat politics,” said Naidu. 

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