Hyderabad airport to get three new recruits – Sweetie, Max, Roy

In nine months from now, the dog squad of the CISF at Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad will get three young additions. They will be Max, Roy and Sweetie. At three months of age, they have been sent to the Moinabad Dog Training school in Telangana to learn the ropes of doing airport duty. 

Unlike the cute labaradors that usually accompany the CISF personnel through the airports, the trio are German Shepherds, more ferocious atleast in looks. They were born to high-performing parents, Don and Hazel, a little over five and four years old respectively. They are the pets of CV Anand, IG (Airport Sector) at CISF. When Anand came to know that the sanctioned strength of the airport dog squad had been increased from nine to 12, he offered to gift the young ones and put them in the service of the nation.

“Both Don and Hazel are high quality breed German Shepherds who have won lot of awards at dog shows. Hazel recently won the best inbreed title at the Hyderabad dog show as well as the third best across all breeds,” says CV Anand. 

German Shepherds is considered a good tracker and sniffer. Since airport duties specifically call for good sniffers, Anand thinks the newborns will be ideal for the job. 

“The Labs are easier to handle and people-friendly. These dogs will look more robust and will be suited to today’s environment when there is a heightened sense of security,” says Anand. 

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