When Nagaraju B.Com discussed river Geography with Sai Kiran Yadav

Popular anchor Nagaraju has done it again. This time with Talasani Sai Kiran Yadav, the son of Animal Husbandry minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and the TRS candidate for the Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency. He lost the election to G Kishan Reddy, who is now Union Minister of State for Home Affairs. 

In an interview, in a bid to highlight the importance of the Kaleshwaram irrigation project, Yadav kept insisting that Godavari river flowed from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana before going directly into the Bay of Bengal. It took him a while to realise he was getting the river geography completely wrong. Nagaraju interrupted him to tell him that the river actually flows from Maharashtra into Telangana and thereafter into Andhra Pradesh before joining the ocean. 

“Oh is it, I was seeing the map in a different way,” Yadav says sheepishly, submitting to Nagaraju’s knowledge of elementary Geography. 

This is the second time that a politician has faltered in a Nagaraju interview. In 2016, the then Telugu Desam MLA from Vijayawada West constituency, Jaleel Khan insisted that he studied Physics as part of his course for his B.Com degree. 

This happened when Nagaraju asked Khan about his academic background. Khan replied “B.Com” and Nagaraju asked him if he aspired to become a Chartered Accountant. 

“No, not like that. I was interested in Maths. I was interested in Physics so I took B.Com,” replied Khan. 

When Nagaraju pointed out that there is no Physics in B.Com, Khan argued, “It is there. Why won’t Physics be there in B.Com? Commerce means accounts, isn’t it?”

When Nagaraju listed out the subjects in B.Com, having been a student of the course himself, Khan kept tying himself in knots insisting he was taught Physics in B.Com. Finally Jaleel Khan gave up but not before bragging about his prowess in Maths. 

“I used to get 100 marks in Maths since my childhood”.

Interestingly, after the Jaleel Khan went viral, the iDream management, the channel where Nagaraju works started introducing the anchor as Nagaraju, B.Com.

“I am actually M.Com, LLB but for marketing reasons after that interview, I am described as Nagaraju, B.Com,” Nagaraju told Filter Kaapi. 

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