Andhra Pradesh

[Video] Jagan’s Jerusalem trip : Rs 22 lakh to keep CM safe

YS Jaganmohan Reddy leaves on a four-day personal trip to Jerusalem with his family members. While he is bearing the expenditure on the trip himself, the government of Andhra Pradesh is being criticised for spending Rs 22.52 lakh on providing him security. 

Jagan will be leaving Hyderabad for Mumbai this evening and from there take the flight to Tel Aviv. He takes the flight back to Mumbai at 9 pm Tel Aviv time on 4 August.

Filter Kaapi’s take : (See Video) Those who are criticising it over social media should know that while Jagan is travelling on a private visit, it is the responsibility of the Andhra Pradesh police to keep the Chief minister of the state safe wherever he is. Yes, we could argue over whether the sum of Rs 22.5 lakh is high or low but that is the protocol that has to be observed.

An official of the Chief Minister’s Office said “Usually the government of the country provides security to Z category VIPs at our request. But the Government of Israel has no policy to provide security to outsiders. Hence we had to pay for the private security agency.”

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