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Is KCR’s Yadadri Maha Yagam bid to neutralise BJP’s Hindu outreach?

In the past, the yagams performed by K Chandrasekhar Rao were in his individual capacity and were held at his farmhouse in Erravelli in Siddipet district. But now he is planning to conduct a mega yagam called the Maha Sudarshana yagam near the Yadadri temple, 60 km from Hyderabad. Since this may also coincide with the opening of the renovated Yadadri temple, which KCR wants to develop as the Tirupati of Telangana, this yagam may be a state government ceremony. 

The date is likely to be announced in consultation with religious seers. According to the chief minister’s office, the yagam will be conducted on 100 acres of land. 3000 ritviks (pundits) and another 3000 assistant ritviks will take part in the ceremony. The CM also plans to invite pontiffs and heads of government from all over the country. 

Though this is being spoken of as a religious event, the BJP believes KCR is organising it for political reasons. It says the CM wants to showcase that he is more Hindu than any of the BJP leaders.

KCR also has learnt a lesson from the Congress that tried to counter BJP’s Hindutva with soft Hindutva and failed. KCR wants to take on the BJP’s religious positioning with his brand of Hinduism. He wants the optics to convey that he is steeped deeply in religious practises thereby negating the BJP’s attempt to polarise the electorate.

This is also because the TRS believes there was an erosion of the Hindu vote in Karimnagar and Nizamabad, two Lok Sabha constituencies where it lost to the BJP in May. With civic polls to be held in the near future, KCR wants to ensure against a repeat in the urban and semi-urban areas by sewing up the narrative of a tall Hindu leader who is equally concerned about the minorities. 

KCR had held a yagam before the elections and also on the day he inaugurated the Kaleshwaram irrigation project in June.

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