After Yeddyurappa to Yediyurappa, BSY to go the Jagan way

BS Yediyurappa reverted to his original name from his name of 12 years, Yeddyurappa, reportedly for astrological reasons. Now for political reasons, he may change the name of Indira canteens in Karnataka (that were opened in August 2017) to Annapurna Canteens. It is praiseworthy that the name chosen is apolitical. 

`The New Indian Express‘ reports that the Yediyurappa government has decided to rechristen the canteens in principle though written orders are yet to be issued. It may be done after Yediyurappa is done with the trust vote in the Karnataka assembly on Monday and forming his Council of ministers. 

Rahul Gandhi at Indira Canteen in Kollegal, Chamrajanagar in March 2018

Cutting across state borders, food seems to be the first port of call when it comes to renaming. Some of the Anna canteens in Andhra Pradesh (named so during the Chandrababu Naidu regime as NT Rama Rao was fondly referred to as Anna) found their names unofficially changed to Rajanna Canteen (after YS Rajasekhara Reddy) by YSRCP leaders and activists. 

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Officially, Jagan ushered in a name change of several government programmes. The senior citizen pension scheme was changed from NTR Bharosa to YSR Pension kanuka (YSR pension gift). The health insurance scheme which was called Rajiv Arogyasri during YSR’s rule, was changed from NTR Vaidya Seva under Naidu’s regime to YSR Arogyasri. The mid-day meal scheme was named as YSR Akshaya Patra. Two education-related schemes were named after Jagan in the state budget. 

Anna Canteen changed to Rajanna Canteen in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh

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