Now, Gandhi frowns upon TikTok

Statutory Warning : Doing TikTok during work hours in Telangana is injurious to your career

For proof, look at what happened to two students of physiotherapy at Gandhi hospital in Hyderabad. Veena Kumari and Shyam Milton, students of Sadhana College of Physiotherapy and Zen Vocational college had recorded TikTok videos, showing them lipsyncing to popular Telugu and Hindi numbers. When the videos were shared over Whatsapp, they came to the notice of the hospital management that ended their 6 month long training period immediately. 

“The duo had finished three months of the apprenticeship. After the videos came to light, we decided not to let them complete their apprenticeship,” Dr Jaikrishna, deputy medical superintendent at Gandhi Hospital told Filter Kaapi

Earlier employees of the Khammam Municipal Corporation too found themselves facing the Wrath of the district collector after videos that were shot by them during office hours, found their way into the social media. The collector ordered a cut in their salary and transferred all of them to the sanitary wing.

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The grandson of the Home minister of Telangana also was caught in a TikTok video, sitting on a police vehicle. What’s worse, the grandson’s friend was lipysyning to a Hindi film dialogue in which a police officer is being threatened and this while the home minister’s grandson is seated atop a police vehicle. But he seems to have got away. Or atleast the public does not know if he was reprimanded by the police.

But do such acts like by the two students deserve such harsh punishment or can people be let off with a warning? 

What do you think of it? Do write in to let us know.

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