BS Yediyurappa to be Karnataka CM. Not Yeddyurappa

BS Yediyurappa will be sworn in as the chief minister of Karnataka on Friday at 6 pm. This is the first time Yediyurappa will occupy the top political post in the state.

Surprised? Don’t be because technically the last three occasions that Yediyurappa was chief minister, he was BS Yeddyurappa. In order to maximise his political fortunes, BSY has rearranged the `d’s and the ‘i’s in his name more than once. The connect between the position of alphabets in his name and his stars, is what the God-fearing BSY believes brings him both good and bad luck.

It was in October 2007 when BSY, aggrieved by the JD(S) refusal to hand over the reigns of power to him as per the 20-20 months agreement, reportedly agreed to astrological advice to change his name from the original Yediyurappa to Yeddyurappa. On 11 October that year, BSY notified the change in name through an affidavit published in the newspapers. 

“BS Yediyurappa s/o Siddalingappa, former deputy chief minister of Karnataka has changed his name to BS Yeddyurappa vide an affidavit dated October 11,” said the statement issued by his personal assistant.

Eureka ! It worked. A month later, the JD(S) agreed to honour its promise and BSY with a brand new rearranged name took over as CM. The good luck, however, last only a week and he found himself out of the job in a week. But despite the setback, Yeddyurappa decided not to revert to Yediyurappa. 

In May 2008, Yeddyurappa rode to power, ushering in the first BJP government in south India. He would have been glad the new spelling was working. But his luck ran out after three years, with the Karnataka Lokayukta indicting him in the illegal mining case. He subsequently quit the BJP, floated his own party, the Karnataka Janata Paksha and finally returned to the BJP in 2014. 

The 2018 election in which the BJP fell short by a few seats of the 113 mark, saw him become CM for just two days. Now having ensured the exit of the Congress-JDS coalition government, the decks are clear for BSY in a brand new numerological avatar. His letterhead on which he shot off letters to BJP president Amit Shah and Governor Vajubhai Vala, showcase the new BSY who has reverted to the old. 

Yediyurappa would hope this would enable him remain CM till 2023. There is however, a catch. He has already crossed the 75 year mark, unofficially prescribed by the BJP High command for leaders to step down from political office. Should Narendra Modi and Shah nudge BSY to make way for a younger chief minister after a few months, BSY won’t know what else to do with his name. 

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