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`Andhra 75% quota detrimental to job seekers’

By Amit Prasad

I was quite surprised to see this law of reservation for locations in Andhra Companies being implemented. I had hoped it was only an election rhetoric that goes away.

While on the surface it appears that this will benefit locals, in the long run it will turn out to be detrimental to the job seekers if other states implement the same rule and they cannot apply for jobs there. In parallel, it will also affect the efficiency of companies who are setup there right now, or had planned to set up in future if there are specific requirements which are not possible to fill with the percentages that are being envisaged.

Private sector flourishes on the premise of hiring the best available talent, from anywhere in the country or abroad and running a profitable business, which helps everyone in the ecosystem; the investors, customers, employees and vendors. 

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Considering that each job in a Private sector is said to support 5 or more jobs in allied areas, maybe it is a self-goal by the Govt. Congress could not win the Lok Sabha elections even after promising fixed amount per month to every poor person, because citizens today want progress and more amenities, not unviable populist measures which no one knows the future impact of or whether it is indeed viable in the long run to sustain. The fact that ruling parties in states can use their brute majority to push through legislations which are not in national interest is unnerving.

Are we moving to a scenario like some countries in the Middle East where locals are hired to meet quotas, but it is a given fact that they don’t need to work, while expats from other countries are called to handle most jobs, which leads to higher cost of doing business.

Such luxury cannot be sustained in India considering the modern era of high efficiency demands and cut throat global competition. I guess it is time for Parliament to initiate a debate on what subjects should be in the Central, State and Concurrent list and when there is a conflict of national interest with regional interest or populism, can there be intervention to correct an anomaly.

Maybe this law needs to be taken to courts to stir up the debate ?

(Amit Prasad is the Founder and MD of SatNav Group, headquartered in Hyderabad)

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  1. Well said Amit. I’ve always been against reservations in any form – especially gender, caste, education and jobs. They only end up with substandard products. This reminds me of the days when we had ferociously protested VP Singh’s Mondal Commission implementation plans. Hope good sense prevails over these politicians before they do more harm to society and economy through such devastating measures.


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