When `Santa’ KCR came home to Chintamadaka

During his day out in his native village of Chintamadaka, K Chandrasekhar Rao put the 2000-odd households there on a pedestal higher than the rest of Telangana. Or atleast, first among equals. 

Proof of this was his announcement that every single household, irrespective of caste of religion, would get Rs 10 lakh worth of benefit for income-generating activities. Nor will there be any eligibility criterion to avail any of these benefits. These can range from buying cattle to poultry to a tractor, paddy harvesting machine to an autorickshaw. A sum of Rs 200 crore is being allotted to Chintamadaka.

“This is a sign of my love to every individual in this village that has made me who I am,” said the Telangana chief minister in his speech.

KCR who visited several families during his day-long visit spent time going down memory lane. He pitched himself as the son of the village, like an elder brother now, who like Santa had come to distribute the goodies. 

“The GO (government order) will be issued tomorrow. I know everyone here is in debt,” said KCR, whose vote still is in Chintamadaka, necessitating his visit to the village whenever Telangana goes to polls. The CM also announced that 2000 two-bedroom houses will be constructed for the villagers and those living in Ankampet hamlet. An amount of Rs 50 crore will be kept with the district collector to meet expenditure on any additional developmental work in Chintamadaka. 

The decision to show favoritism of sorts to his village has come in for criticism. The BJP has questioned the favoritism towards one village in all of Telangana.

“We do not object to development work and welfare in Chintamadaka but there are many more villages that are far more backward and underdeveloped. Why shouldn’t they also get part of the money? Constituency as a whole has to be developed, not just one village. He is CM of entire state, not just Chintamadaka,” says N Ramchander Rao, BJP MLC

The Congress says the decision to focus only on Chintamadaka betrays a “I can do anything” attitude on part of KCR. 

“Of the approximately 13000 villages and hamlets, he selects only Chintamadaka. It is okay to shower Rs 200 crore just to one village if we are a super rich state. But we are financially bankrupt with liquor sales the only source of revenue. There are tribal villages with no access to transport or health facilities. Instead he focuses on his own village. It is like what Chandrababu Naidu did with Kuppam, Kiran Kumar Reddy with Chittoor and YSR with Pulivendula, creating VIP villages. This is uncalled for,” says D Sravan, Spokesperson of the Congress. 

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