Now Chennai wants water from the Moon

You could dismiss it as a case of newcomer nervousness or look it as a cheeky tweet to garner attention. Either way, the new Twitter handle of the Chennai Metropolitan Water supply board that was unveiled a week ago, has succeeded.

It congratulated ISRO for the Chandrayaan 2 mission by tweeting : “We are in the process of augmenting new water resources for our city. If you find any water on the Moon, you know whom to call first.”

While many on Twitter were amused by babus having a sense of humour, some of them felt it was being non-serious about a severe water crisis in Chennai. 

What it however shows is that Chennai has little hope if it is really banking on ISRO getting it water from the moon. And for the Water Supply Board’s information, Chandrayaan 1 mission had already detected water on the earth’s natural satellite. 

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