How MLA Patil escaped after bajji with sauce

MLA from Kagwad in Karnataka, Srimant B Patil ought to be made a case study by the Indian Medical Association. On what not to do when you develop chest pain. 

His story should also be a chapter for defecting lawmakers on how to come up with a more believable script. 

According to Patil’s version, when he was in Chennai on personal work on 18 July, he felt uneasy early morning and developed chest pain. Now the Congress legislator from Karnataka who is also a sugar baron, realised that he did not know of a single doctor in Chennai. Nor did he have a friend who could rush him to get medical help.

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Voters of Kagwad, do make note that they elected a legislator, so lacking in influence. 

So Patil decided to head to Chennai airport where he bought a ticket to fly on the 7:15 am Indigo flight to Mumbai. It seems like the clerk at the ticketing counter recognised that Patil was a politician so he/she clubbed his ticket with three other gentlemen, one of who happened to be former Karnataka minister Laxman Savadi of the BJP. 

Source : Karnataka Congress

Poor Patil endured the pain through the journey and got himself admitted to St George hospital in Mumbai, after meeting doctors at Sanjeevani hospital. 

The suffering our netas have to endure, poor man. 

But Congress leaders, without a tinge of sympathy for Patil, are now accusing Laxman Savadi of abducting their MLA. I think  it is blasphemy to accuse a Laxman of kidnapping. On the contrary, this episode should be seen as a modern-day Ram Rajya where a Laxman saves another human being, a brother politician. To emphasise the Ramayana metaphor, even a `Sanjeevani’ is part of the script here. 

I would also suggest that the Government of Maharashtra appoint Srimant Patil as an ambassador for medical tourism in Mumbai. By George, his trust in the city’s healthcare system is touching. More so if you go by the version of Yashomati Thakur, the working president of the Maharashtra Congress who points out that a patient with a cardiac ailment has got himself admitted to a hospital that does not have a cardiac unit !

Source : Twitter

The Congress leaders, of course by now know how Patil escaped from the resort in Bengaluru. He took advantage of the melee that broke out when HD Kumaraswamy was leaving the resort after a visit and fled by the road route to Chennai.

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Belagavi Rural MLA Lakshmi Hebbalkar recalled that just that evening, she had asked Patil if he wanted tea or coffee. 

“He opted for bajji. We all had tea, coffee and bajji with sauce. Fifteen minutes later, when CM came to meet us, Patil was missing,” Hebbalkar said. 

Two things are possible. Either bajji with sauce is not good for the heart. Or in these days of political conspiracies, `Bajji with sauce’ is a codeword to indicate `Escape’.

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