The night of the Floor Test in Karnataka

BJP legislators in Karnataka spent Thursday night inside the Vidhana Soudha, as a mark of protest against the Speaker’s decision to postpone the Trust vote to Friday. 

T S Sudhir of Filter Kaapi caught up with Suresh Kumar, senior BJP leader and former Law minister of Karnataka while he was in the middle of his morning walk inside the Vidhana Soudha premises.

Sudhir : How was the night?

Suresh : It was good, it was good. This is the fourth time we are doing this so we are used to sleeping on the floor of the Vidhana Soudha. The first time was when JH Patel was chief minister. That time, it was to protest against the hike in electricity tariff.

Sudhir : Oh, that was a good 20 plus years ago. So the first time too, the issue was power albeit of a different kind.

Suresh : (laughs aloud) Well said.

Sudhir : What you did yesterday was a real floor test as you tested whether you could sleep comfortably on the floor of the House.

Suresh : (laughs) Yes. Though fr some people, it was difficult as they are not used to sleeping on the floor. But I got a sofa for myself and slept comfortably even without a pillow or bedsheet.

Sudhir : But what was the idea behind this kind of protest. How do people care whether you slept in your house or the House of the People?

Suresh : People are convinced that this government is adopting delaying tactics. They are agreeing with us. Through this overnight stay, we wanted to convey our resolve that we will not leave Vidhana Soudha till the Trust motion is completed. The government side wants to buy time, does not want to put notice to motion, we are not ready to leave till it is done.

Sudhir : The Governor wrote a letter to the chief minister yesterday evening asking him to finish it by 1:30 pm on Friday. You think that will have the desired effect?

Suresh : If they are wise, it should be resolved by then. The Governor is the head of the state. Every year, they welcome him to this Vidhana Soudha. He says “My government” in his address. So his letter, which is very well written, ought to be respected. 

Sudhir : How is the walk around the majestic Vidhana Soudha instead of your usual Rajaji Nagar where you stay?

Suresh : I usually walk much early everyday. I walk around 12000 to 13000 steps which translates to some 9 km. Today with my friends joining me, I am walking extra.

Sudhir : Incidentally while you are walking the extra mile, your friends have finished off their breakfast inside the Vidhana Soudha.

Suresh : Yes, I am yet to break my fast.

Sudhir : All the best for today.

Suresh : Thankyou

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