Hyderabad journalist Revathi gets conditional bail

On 12 July, Hyderabad-based journalist and former CEO of MOJO TV P Revathi was arrested by the Hyderabad police in a SC/ST related case. On Monday, when her family expected to move the bail application, the judge was reportedly on leave. The next three days, her husband Chaitanya Dantaluri told Filter Kaapi that the police failed to submit the case diary in court. This despite the judge making it clear that he will grant bail irrespective of whether the diary was submitted or not. 

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Finally, a week, Revathi was granted bail by the Secunderabad court on two sureties of Rs 20000. The condition is that she has to sign at the ACP Banjara Hills police station every Sunday for the next two months.

The case pertained to a studio discussion on the entry of women into Sabarimala temple in Kerala during which a guest named Varaprasad had complained that he was humiliated by his caste name by anchor Raghu. While Raghu was named as A1 in the case, Revathi was A2. Surprisingly, A2 was arrested while A1 Raghu has been granting interviews to different Youtube channels. 

What is more surprising is that this case was registered in January 2019 but it was only in July that the police arrived at Revathi’s residence in Hyderabad to arrest her. The police version is that she had not responded to their summons. The family denies this.

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Those close to Revathi allege this is a witchhunt that has been launched against her, given her support to Ravi Prakash, the former CEO of TV9 channel. Ravi Prakash who held a stake in MOJO TV, had a fallout with the new management of TV9 that forced him out of his position within the channel. The new management also slapped cases of forgery against Ravi Prakash and he has secured anticipatory bail from the High court. Revathi reportedly resisted attempts to take over MOJO TV, leading to altercations. It is this, her supporters believe, that has cost her dear and an old case being used to put her in trouble. 

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