The Good India

A humble steward who collects degrees

What would you do the evening before your MA (Political Science) exam? Elementary, study. 

Not Nagapuri Sudhakar, who is a senior steward at the Secunderabad Club in Hyderabad. On Wednesday evening, he was serving dinner to guests at the club and will have time only after 11 pm when he gets back home to revise his syllabus for the first of the five papers on Thursday. 

“The good thing is I have applied for leave for a week till my exams end next Friday,” says Sudhakar.

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Thirty one years after he passed his Intermediate, Sudhakar remains a student. After a course at the Institute of Technical Education, this native of Hanamkonda in north Telangana began working as a receptionist at a club in Hyderabad in 1990. After an assortment of jobs at different clubs as a barman, he joined Secunderabad club in 2002. 

He completed his B.A in Economics, Political Science and Public Administration in 2016 as a student of Osmania University Distance Education. He cleared the first year of M.A in Political Science in first class last year. 

“I am very interested in academics and want to study because I could not do so when I was younger due to family issues. Every morning after I drop my children at school, I spend two hours at a library before I come to work. After I go home, I make it a point to study at least two hours every night,” says Sudhakar, who is 48 years old now.

Isn’t it strange to work as a steward because you are clearly overqualified for the job, I ask. 

“Yes, it is strange. After getting my post-graduate degree, I want to apply for the post of a supervisor at the Club. The HR department of the Club knows about it. Some members of the Club who know about my academic pursuits also encourage me,” says Sudhakar.

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He next plans to enrol for M.A in English literature. 

“My brother passed away before finishing his M.A in English literature from Kakatiya University. So this is my main aim, to complete his goal,” says Sudhakar.

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