Sanjay Manjrekar thanks for the love, in bits and pieces

Sanjay Manjrekar decided to be tongue and cheek in his farewell message after the World Cup during which he was the target of much ire from Indian fans and a cricketer named Ravinder Jadeja. 

Manjrekar tweeted : “And guys, that’s a wrap on what’s been a fantastic World Cup! Thanks so much for your company & also for the love, even if it may have come in bits and pieces.” He followed the tweet with a wink emoticon.

Manjrekar had said that he considered Jadeja a “bits and pieces” player. In response, the India player responded both in real and in the virtual space. He tweeted asking Manjrekar to stop his verbal diarrhoea and reminded him that he had played far many more matches for India than the cricketer-turned-commentator.

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Jadeja who had not played a match till then in India’s campaign in the World Cup then played the innings of his life in the semi-finals, almost pushing his team into the finals. 

After the semi-finals, Manjrekar went on Star Sports to concede that Jadeja with that knock had torn him to bits and pieces. 

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