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Chennai takes to plogging

Alby John, the Deputy Commissioner of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) in charge of the South Region was focused on Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar in Chennai on Sunday. As were around 150 volunteers who were there to take part in the first Plogging event, called the Chennai Plogging Challenge. 

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“Plogging is a new fitness trend where picking up litter and jogging are combined together. In fact, a great way to take care of one’s own health and the environment’s health at the same time,” tweeted Alby John. 

The event’s tagline was `pick up a piece of plastic on every turn’. The volunteers who included many kids and 87-year-old Kamakshi, jogged along on a 2 km stretch and managed to collect heaps of garbage. While the effort was commendable, the amount of garbage collected was not a good advertisement for Chennaites. 

The corporation plans to organise more such community Plogging events in other areas over the next few weekends and ensure follow-up action is taken on Elliot’s Beach so that it does not return to its day of filth once again. 

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GCC should synergise with other civil society groups like Chitlapakkam Rising who too organise group campaigns to ensure cleanliness and environmental awareness in their localities.

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