Modi’s big Karnataka win has upset Kumaraswamy

HD Kumaraswamy is angry with Karnataka. Or so it seemed during his visit to Raichur district on Wednesday. As part of his village stays, the Karnataka CM was on his way by bus to Karegudda village when the vehicle was surrounded by people making demands.

Suddenly Kumaraswamy flared up, asking why should he help them when they voted for Narendra Modi. When the argument went on, he said they should be lathicharged. 

This is utter nonsense. Does Kumaraswamy mean to say that he will listen only to the woes of those who voted either for JD(S) or the Congress? Is he the CM of Karnataka or CM of only those voters who cast their franchise in favour of his alliance?

The Congress-JD(S) alliance was wiped out in the Lok Sabha elections, with the BJP winning 25 of the 28 seats. One seat was won by Independent candidate Sumalatha and the Congress and the JD(S) between them, managed only one seat each. 

So by Kumaraswamy’s logic, he should be chief minister only of Hassan and Bangalore Rural, the two constituencies that elected the alliance candidates. 

Even the assembly mandate in 2018 was hijacked by the Congress-JDS. The Congress was clearly rejected by the people of Karnataka but it cobbled together a government with JD(S) which is the third largest party in the Vidhan Sabha in terms of numbers.

It is obvious that the pressure on Kumaraswamy is showing and this outburst only confirms it. 

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