From Bumrah to Sarfaraz, India-Pak cricket inspires traffic cops

What is about India-Pakistan matches that seem to inspire the Traffic police in our country? 

After the 16 June World Cup clash between the two traditional rivals, where Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was found yawning on the field, the twitter handles of the traffic establishments of two cities in India – Cyberabad and Patiala – were on the same page. They shared the image of a Sarfaraz illustration at the wheel, yawning. The message said “Don’t drive when you are sleepy. It’s dangerous!”

While many saw the humour in the message, many others found it offensive. Since the Sunday clash, Pakistan team and Sarfaraz in particular has been at the receiving end of much criticism, both from fans and ex-cricketers. Some followers of Pakistan cricket have been trolling Sarfaraz in person, like this loser who recorded his shameful conduct for posterity. 

In 2017, after India lost to Pakistan in the final of the Champions Trophy, the Jaipur traffic police was inspired. In that match, a no-ball by Jasprit Bumrah proved costly as Fakhar Zaman was caught by MS Dhoni. Fakhar who was on three at that point in time, went on to score a century, helping Pakistan post 338 runs on the board. 

The Jaipur traffic cops put up hoarding with a photograph of Bumrah’s no-ball as part of a road safety campaign. The caption read : “Don’t cross the line. You know it can be costly”

Bumrah was not amused and he was at his sarcastic best when he tweeted to Jaipur police saying “Well done Jaipur traffic police. This shows how much respect you get after giving your best for the country. But don’t worry, I won’t make fun of the mistakes which you guys make at your work because I believe humans can make mistakes”. That jibe forced the cops to apologise saying their intention was not to hurt Bumrah’s sentiments.

But Sarfaraz is unlikely to take on Cyberabad and Patiala cops, given that he is on the back foot. A joke circulating on Whatsapp asks if Pakistan can enter the semi-finals by winning the remaining four matches.

The reply : Pakistan needs to win all four matches in order to enter Pakistan ! 

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