For this Telangana farmer, President Donald Trump is God

Bussa Krishna would easily qualify as one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans in India. Who else will install a 6 feet tall cement statue of the US President at his house and perform puja to it every day. Not only that. Krishna also does a milk offering and fasts for Trump’s well-being every Friday.

Krishna has been a Trump bhakt for three years now, since the time he was elected to the high office in America. His parents felt he had lost it when he began doing pujas to Trump’s photograph at home and even did an offering to it with his blood. 

“To me President Donald Trump is like God. That’s why I pray to him like I pray to the Hindu Gods. I like the fact that he is fearless. He is a friend of India. Even recently, he supported us over the Wing Commander Abhinandan issue when the Indian Air Force pilot was arrested in Pakistan,” Krishna told Filter Kaapi.

Krishna is a paddy farmer who owns seven acres of land in Konney village in Jangaon district of Telangana, roughly 80 km from state capital Hyderabad. He lost his wife during the delivery of their son six years ago. Krishna, now 32, lives with his son and parents. On 14 June, President Trump’s birthday, Krishna organised a fete at his house, to perform puja to the statue. 

“The people in Konney village are delighted with the Trump statue. Because of him, our village got recognition with so much media interest. I am confident he is going to get re-elected next year,” says Krishna.  

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