The Good India

Telangana’s Minister in shining armour

On Monday, Telangana Labour and Employment minister Malla Reddy showed he is a samaritan. While passing by the Narsapur crossroads in Balanagar area of Hyderabad, he noticed that a cyclist had been hit by a truck. Unlike many others who would pass by without stopping, Reddy stopped his convoy, took Balaswamy in his pilot vehicle and got him admitted to hospital. 

55-year-old Balaswamy is a construction worker who tragically lost his right leg in the accident. His cycle was hit by the overspeeding truck and when he fell down, it ran over his leg. The accident had just occurred when Reddy was passing by and he saw Balaswamy lying in a pool of blood with a number of onlookers around him. 

Malla Reddy (left) instructing his security personnel to shift Balaswamy into the vehicle

Reddy also followed Balaswamy to the hospital and instructed the doctors to ensure quality treatment to the victim. 

Malla Reddy (left) at the hospital

The irony is that the accident took place on June 3, celebrated as World Bicycle day. The mishap was a cruel reminder of the fact that India’s cities, including Hyderabad, have no space for cyclists.

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