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Jagan fires at Naidu’s Amaravati project, calls it a scam

Even before he has said “Yeduguri Sanditi Jaganmohan Reddy ane Nenu” as part of the oath of office and secrecy for the post of chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan has hit the ground running and he has targeted his guns at what he calls is the Amaravati capital project scam.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief minister designate alleges that Telugu Desam honchos and their benamis resorted to `insider trading’ as Chandrababu Naidu was privy to information where the new capital was going to be located. 

What Chandrababu Naidu said Amaravati will look like

On the election campaign trail, in an interview to Prannoy Roy and Uma Sudhir of NDTV, Jagan had indicated that if elected, he will order an investigation into the alleged corruption in the construction work of Amaravati. Naidu has estimated that it will cost Rs 50000 crore to build the 21st century modern capital. 

“Amaravati is filled with scams. He (Naidu) knew where the capital was coming yet he misled people saying it was coming up elsewhere. He himself bought land in Amaravati at throwaway prices, misleading people. He had his benamis buy land,” Jagan had said in April. 

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In that interview, Jagan had hinted it could even become an international probe as experts from Singapore were brought in by Naidu. 

“When you start a probe, you do not know where it will go. It will be a catch-22 situation. I would not be in a position to judge. The probe could become international.”

Andhra CM designate Jagan Reddy with PM Narendra Modi on 26 May

On Sunday, Jagan dropped enough hints that his government once it takes charge will dig into the land purchases. Significantly he said this soon after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday who had incidentally laid the foundation stone for the new capital city in October 2015. Naidu had accused Modi of going back on his promise to help build the city. In order to fund the construction, the Naidu government raised Rs 11300 crore through different means including floating bonds. 

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