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`KCR welcome but Jagan is a No-No’

A day after K Chandrasekhar Rao, president of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti met DMK chief MK Stalin to garner support for a Federal Front that can then negotiate hard with a national party for support to form the government, the Telugu Desam has called it a case of much ado about nothing. A TDP Rajya Sabha MP, considered close to party chief Chandrababu Naidu said there are only two formations in Indian politics – BJP-led NDA and all those who are opposed to it.

“There is no space for a Third Front that KCR is talking about. Any political party is either this side or that side,” the TDP MP said.

The party whose ambitions to play a prominent national role will depend on the number of Lok Sabha seats it picks up in Andhra Pradesh and whether it is able to best the YSR Congress in Amaravati, dismisses KCR’s overtures as a case of too much self-marketing.  

During his meeting with KCR, Stalin made it clear that if the Telangana CM wanted to partner with the DMK, he will have to accept that the Congress also will be part of the group. Stalin is understood to have conveyed to KCR that he can help bridge his differences with the Congress leadership. KCR also made it clear that he will be accompanied by Jaganmohan Reddy, who he expects to win a significant number of seats in Andhra Pradesh. 

So if there are only two fronts, would Naidu be open to the idea of KCR being part of such a front, given the bad blood between the two leaders? 

“Yes, we are willing to have KCR as well. But the person who will not be acceptable is Jagan,” said the TDP MP, whose leader is at the moment playing the role of the facilitator of an anti-BJP front. 

23 May will reveal who the Congress and its regional partners will choose. As reported by Filter Kaapi, the Congress has already revealed that it is keeping its options open on getting the numbers from Andhra Pradesh by opening channels of communication with the YSRCP. If the numbers with KCR plus Jagan are significantly more than those with Naidu, maths and realpolitik are more likely to win the day. 

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