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Centre to seek report on student suicides from Telangana govt

Dr K Laxman, president of the Telangana unit of the BJP broke his four-day long fast over the Intermediate Results issue. Union minister of state for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir flew into Hyderabad and offered Laxman a glass of juice to break his fast.

The Centre has now decided to seek a report from the Telangana government on the suicides by over 20 students. Many of them were declared failed in the Intermediate exams. A probe by a three-member committee has pointed to mistakes in the evaluation process leading to much outrage and anguish among parents and students.

“In a Federal system of governance, we are also responsible for what happens in the states,” Ahir assured Laxman before the BJP chief agreed to give up his fast. 

On Monday, Laxman had sat on hunger strike at the BJP office in Hyderabad but the same afternoon, the police lifted him and shifted him to NIMS hospital where he continued with the fast. Laxman’s health condition had deteriorated on Thursday evening and he was suffering from severe stomach ache. 

The idea to sit on a fast was among a series of proposals sent by the Telangana unit to the BJP central leadership. Amit Shah endorsed the idea and asked Laxman to go ahead. 

There is also a competition of sorts between the BJP and the Congress in Telangana about which party will champion the cause of the student community. The ABVP has been at the forefront of the protests and the BJP felt Laxman’s fast will endear it to the parents and the students.

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