Owaisi and the kettlebell

If there is one politician who is proving to be a different kettle of fish this election season, it is Asaduddin Owaisi. And literally so.

As part of election programming for a TV news channel, Owaisi ventured into a gym where he displayed his finesse with the  kettlebell. Mind you, this is no treadmill-like kidstuff. 

“I do not do the conventional treadmill, only warm-up,” Owaisi told UmaSudhir.com. “The kettlebell revolution was started by a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor Pavel Tsatsouline. He is to kettlebell what Arnold Schwarzenegger is to bodybuilding. This is very good for heart and body strengthening.”

Owaisi practises four days a week with a 30 kg kettlebell for 45 minutes. He wants to test his endurance and ability to do it with a 40 kg kettlebell but needs to take out time to train with Yousuf Khan, a certified instructor in Pune. 

Owaisi has been campaigning non-stop for himself in Hyderabad Parliamentary constituency where he is aiming to win a fourth term in the Lok Sabha. 

“The election campaign season is fantastic. You eat like a king in the morning and have light food through the day, it works out fine. It is the post-campaign period that is stressful. After the assembly election campaign in November-December, I had blisters on my feet and allergies,” says Owaisi. 

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