Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra vote catchers

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The keenly contested election in Andhra Pradesh is witnessing politicians donning several roles. And why not? After all, vote ke liye kuch bhi karega.

So you have Nara Lokesh, the second-in-command in the Telugu Desam, ironing clothes, doing his bit at a butcher shop, playing with babies and even trying his hand at a saloon. He seems to be quite adept at taking selfies as well. Or shall we say groupies.

When it comes to actor-turned-politicians, anything they do, people see acting in it. So was so in the case of Pawan Kalyan as his social media team released these pictures of the Powerstar taking a break in his SUV in Krishna district, while sipping tea in a glass tumbler that incidentally is his Jana Sena party symbol. 

Then there were these visuals of Pawan eating millet curd rice. The message, yes you guessed it right, to convey the humility and simplicity quotient of the Jana Sena chief. But very soon after emerged an unsubstantiated picture of a bill from an eatery in Vijayawada, that tried to show the curd rice was not so cheap, after all. The lunch came for a cool Rs 1029, the tweets from anti-Jana Sena handles tried to prove. Even though there was nothing to prove this was indeed the bill for Pawan’s lunch, it went to show how tightly fought these elections are in Andhra.

YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy has been a man on the move since November 2017 when he started his padyatra from Kadapa district. The padyatra got over and the election campaign began almost soon after. Now Jagan is travelling with his ceiling fan, his party symbol, busy marketing it to the voters of Andhra.

We will know on 23 May if voters of Andhra have been suitably impressed by these gestures. 


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