Andhra Pradesh

`Apna Time Aayega’ anthem for Jagan

Since the day he had seen Ranveer Singh’s `Gully Boy’, the `Apna time aayega’ youth rap anthem had stayed on in Telugu film director Mahi Raghav’s mind. This week, he took a few hours off his regular work to work on a video that places YS Jaganmohan Reddy at the heart of this extremely peppy and catchy rap number.

“When you see Jaganmohan Reddy’s visuals with the huge crowds, you realise he is no less than a rockstar. If you leave aside the politics of it, in the jostling of people to catch a glimpse of him or shake hands with him, there is euphoria and enthusiasm. He draws people to him,” Raghav told

Raghav used the “Apna time aayega” anthem and mixed it with Jagan’s speeches, outlining the promises that he says he will fulfil if he comes to power in Andhra Pradesh on 23 May. The visuals are largely taken from Jagan’s 3600 km long padyatra over 429 days. 

“I used the `Apna time aayega’ anthem to give it a particular beat while using Jagan’s lines from his speeches to provide a rhythm,” says Raghav.

YS Jaganmohan Reddy with the YSR Congress poll symbol `ceiling fan’

“Apna time aayega” which translates to “Our time will come” also fits in with Jagan’s political journey. The election on 11 April could be make-or-break for his political career but with several opinion polls predicting a YSR Congress victory, Jagan has enough reason to believe that his time is about to come. 

On his campaign trail, Jagan has been emphasising that he will bring back “Rajanna Rajyam”, a phrase that is used commonly to describe the period between 2004 and 2009, when his father, the late YS Rajasekhara Reddy was chief minister of united Andhra Pradesh.

Raghav, who recently directed the YSR biopic `Yatra’ starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty in the lead role, says `Apna time aayega’ with Jagan is more of a fan-made video and he did not take permission from the party to produce it. 

The video ends with the popular YSR dialogue from `Yatra’ where Mammootty says “Nenu Vinnanu, Nenu Vunnanu” (I have heard and I am there for you).

Video courtesy : Mahi Raghav published on Filter Kaapi You Tube channel

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